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Eyebrow Microblading

Microblading is the latest trend in semipermanent makeup, it is also known as 3-D eyebrow tattoo, eyebrow embroidery, eyebrow micropigmentation, eyebrow permanent makeup. This procedure has become highly sought after, as it allows us to create extremely natural results. The microblading results are long lasting and incredibly realistic. It is a manual, semi-permanent technique of hyper-realistic eyebrow drawing in which the shape of eyebrows is calculated according to the facial morphology and proper measuring tools.

Treatment is done by using sterile and disposable tools with high standard pigments. On average treatment last up to 10-12 months.

Ombre Powder Eyebrows 自然水雾眉

Ombre Powder Eyebrows is the newest trend in eyebrow semi-permanent makeup. It gives a soft shaded brow pencil look. Once healed, it is more natural looking than solid color. It gives great definition and depth to the brows. Whether the client is looking for a light soft shading or show-stopping bold brows, it can be customized according to the client's desire.  

Silky Eyebrows 轻氧丝雾眉

Brow mapping and hair like strokes are strategically placed with shading to achieve a denser fuller powder brow that appears more shaded in. This is fantastic for someone who is looking for hair-like texture, definition and density.  By incorporating some shading, you can get the density as well as hair strokes from microblading. This combo method is also a better option for an individual with oily skin as microblading alone is not best suited for oily skin types..

Hair-stroke Eyebrows仿真野生眉

Hair Stroke Eyebrows are one of the best ways to get gorgeous brows. This simple beauty treatment produces striking effects. It gives you perfect, hassle-free eyebrows that highlight your , extremely natural

Guy Brows 男士鸿运眉

Microblading is no longer just for women as more and more men have been looking into Microblading for aesthetical purposes. Brows are an important facial feature as it frames the face, even for men.

As men age, brow hairs become sparse and less dense. Microblading is a safe, semi-permanent procedure to bring back most of the most important features on a man's face. 

Eyebrow Correction 眉毛改色

If the color has faded into a blue or red hue, we use a technique that “covers” the old color. Corrective color is first tattooed over the faded permanent makeup to neutralize it. And then right after in the same session, we can give you beautiful new natural eyebrows.

Lash Line Permanent Makeup美瞳线

By filling in between the lashes to create the illusion of thicker, darker, and full lashes without looking lined or like obvious makeup. It can can be done on just the top or bottom lash line, or each of them. 


We offer Free Consultations for all our prospective clients!

We understand the procedure can be daunting and we want to make sure all our clients feel comfortable with their decision. If you have any concerns, we will be happy to address them and help you decide on a treatment plan that will work for you.

During your consultation, your specialist will work with you to discuss your goals, lifestyle, shape of your existing brows and the problem areas you wish to address. Bringing reference photos of your desired brow shape is highly recommended and greatly appreciated. Your specialist will advise on which shape will work with your face shape and brow type. If you have any questions about which procedure to choose, your specialist can direct you towards the best option for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear contacts after the procedure?

Please arrive to your appointment WITHOUT contacts. Be sure to bring a pair of glasses with you following the procedure. You will not be able to wear contacts for the first 3 days post procedure.

Can I have lash extensions on before my procedure?

Please be sure to remove any LASH EXTENSIONS before procedure. It is recommended that you have any lash extensions removed at least ONE WEEK before your appointment to avoid any possible reaction to the removal solution. You will have to wait at least 14 days post procedure to have lash extensions reapplied.

Can I use lash growth enhancement products before my procedure?

Discontinue the use of ALL EYELASH GROWTH ENHANCEMENT PRODUCTS, such as Latisse for at least 30 DAYS before your appointment.

Can I tint or perm my lashes before my procedure?

DO NOT tint or perm your lashes within 48 hours of your appointment. You will have to wait at least 14 days post procedure to tint or perm lashes.

What is the aftercare?

You will need to cleanse the treated area once in the morning and once at night. To cleanse, gently dab or blot the treated area with a clean cotton pad lightly dampened with room-temperature water. After cleansing, apply a light coat of the recommended ointment with a clean Q-tip using a gentle, dabbing motion. The ointment will help to: keep the area protected, prevent scabbing and accelerate healing.

Important Information for Permanent Makeup Clients:

Permanent makeup is a multiple-step process. It requires two or more appointments.

Results vary by client. Everyone heals differently. We cannot guarantee that this procedure will replace your makeup. Touch-ups may be required (at an additional fee).

For the best results, please follow all pre and post-care instructions.

Any tweezing or waxing should be done at least 48 hours before the eyebrow procedure; electrolysis no less than 5 days before.

Stop any blood thinners 72 hours before your appointment. This includes niacin, aspirin, Vitamin E, fish oil, and ibuprofen.

If you want to get Botox done, you should know that it should be performed at least 2 weeks after your permanent makeup procedure and follow-up appointments are completed.

Injectable fillers may be done 6 weeks or more before your scheduled appointment.

If you plan to go on a vacation, we strongly recommend that you avoid sun and tanning bed exposure at least 2 weeks BEFORE and AFTER your procedure.

Don't drink any alcohol and avoid caffeine at least 24 hours before your appointment.

You must wait at least one year before having this procedure done if you have ever been on prescription Accutane ever — even if you are no longer taking it.

If you are pregnant you can not have permanent makeup procedure during this period.

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